GOT WORKSHOPS and FEAST EXPERIENCE in Belfast/Westeros 28th July 2019 2pm -9pm

GOT WORKSHOPS and FEAST EXPERIENCE in Belfast/Westeros 28th July 2019 2pm -9pm

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Winter is here …. Prepare for Battle.

Are you ready for the Long Night ?

Sign up for this unique immersive event starting with GOT style lunch, take THREE themed GOT workshops at Gendry’s Forge in bladesmithing, goblet pottery and Dothraki Jewellery for your Khal or Khalessi all here at The National Belfast /Westeros..........Home of Thrones

Discuss your tactics for the Long Night around a table with fellow members of the nine noble families whilst feasting on soup from Davos’ soup kitchen along with bread n salt to eat to enjoy your last meal before the battle commences.  

Begin arming yourself with your Dragon -glass dagger forged at Gendry’s forge when you’ll be  ready to attack any white walker strolling about the streets of Belfast

Proceed to decorate your Khal or Khalessi with hand crafted Leather Dothraki Jewellery designed and made by you

Throw your own ‘I drink and I know things,’ ceramic goblet to celebrate victory over the Night King, all here at the beer Garden at The National, High Street ,Belfast, in the heart of Belfast City Centre (close to other Game of Thrones attractions such as the doors and new free-standing stained glass GOT windows)

This unique immersive GOT event  begins with lunch at 2pm followed by the workshops which last about 2 hours per workshop

All of the workshops are facilitated by a PROFESSIONAL artists: Blades-smith, Niall McGinley, Potter, David McComiskey and Costumier Emma Andrews ( who worked in the costume department on the show in many series’)

You will also get the opportunity to chat with some featured extras from the show

Which house to you represent Starks, Tully's Lannisters..? Are you Battle ready?

This event is independently operated by Mourne Creative and is not associated with sponsored endorsed or affiliated with HBO or anyone associated with Game of Thrones R Image Credit