OVER KILKEEL Relief Print    Richard Croft RUA

OVER KILKEEL Relief Print Richard Croft RUA

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Limited Edition Relief Print 2001 12" x 17" 300 x 430 mm ed 15

Richard Croft RUA Prints and paints from his workshop The Lodge In Dundrum. He starts by drawing and etching then paints and then produces relief printed that come as limited editions. Richard explains "i use the cut-away method, usually working from my paintings where I find the challenge of reducing the colours down to eight to ten a delightful excerise. The bold lines and textures I find most exciting and it seems to suit me well. The excitement of pulling the paper from a block, revealing a new set of colours clicking together I find breathtaking"

This Print "Over Kilkeel" reflects the Mounre landscape toward this area of Kilkeel looking down from the Silent Valley. It depicts an iconic Mourne dwelling and highlights the textures and tones from the dry stone Mourne Walls to the contrasting grassy greens down to the Irish Sea

More of Richard's work is always available on request as are commissions via Mourne Creative